About Me

My interests lie in the intersection of physics-based animation and software engineering. My aim is to produce high-quality software that pushes the boundaries of realism in computer animation using principles from science and engineering.

I'm currently working at Method Studios in the Creatures department. We make movie monsters come to life using a combination of traditional animation and physics simulation.

I hold a Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.


Technical Talk

Isosurface Stuffing Improved, SIGGRAPH 2013 [pdf]

Masters Thesis

Isosurface Stuffing Improved; acute lattices and feature matching. Master's Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2013 [pdf]

Supervised by Robert Bridson.



Converts surface geometry into high-quality uniform tetrahedral meshes. Optionally can do element quality optimization and matching of sharp features. [github]


Method Studios

Creating tools for authoring and simulating realistic animated characters/creatures.
Screen credits include: The Maze Runner; Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Next Level Games

As member of shared technology team, developed a proprietary 3D level editor.
Game credits include: Ghost Recon (Wii); Captain America: Super Soldier (XBOX360/PS3).

Side Effects Software

Software Developer working on Houdini. Implemented tools for rigid body dynamics, procedural fracturing, and ocean wave simulation.


In my spare time, I sing with The Funx, a semi-professional part-time a cappella soul band.

Past Projects


  • crawford.doran@gmail.com